Our Mission

Georgia Integrity Project's purpose  to educate Georgia citizens on elected officials and to stress ethical governance.


Speaker David Ralston controls which legislation goes to the House floor for a vote and we believe he has acted unethically. He is one of the most powerful elected officials in Georgia.

We will highlight other elected officials as well ..


State bar asks for investigation into House Speaker Ralston

Supreme Court to investigate Speaker David Ralston over complaint

Georgia bar complaint against David Ralston

Attorney J. Alexander Atwood accuse Ralston of violating legislative leave law


David Ralston's Defense of Child Molesters

You may view court records that back up our ads at the link above


The latest robocall that went out on May 19, 2014 regarding Speaker Ralston's million dollar bank loan


You can view our latest cable tv ad and listen to our latest radio ad below



 Our newest cable tv ad that begins running May 8th


Our first radio ad that will begin running May 7th.

We created a longer version of our cable ad to use for online ads

Watch and learn about Amanda's story. David Ralston used legislative loopholes and denied a young widow and Mother justice for over 5 years.



Check out our TV ad that will begin running Wednesday morning, April 30th, on cable tv in the House District 7. We wanted to be sure you saw this, and hope you will share it with others who share our commitment to personal and professional integrity, and conservative principles. Rest assured we will continue to keep you informed about our work on this very important project.







Tea Party Takes Aim at Speaker Ralston

 Watch the news story at the link above


Joel McElhannon, campaign consultant for Speaker David Ralston and other candidates in this election cycle, issued a statement and basically called tea party activists and other conservative activists seeking to educate citizens on Speaker Ralston and his policies, "disaffected radicals." That is right, those of you that volunteer your time for the betterment of our nation and state and sacrifice much are disaffected radicals.

This illustrates the entitlement mentality of the Speaker and those around him and their apparent attitude of we don't have to play by the same rules as others do.  They criticize groups from other areas for coming to the aid of activists in the 7th district, but believe it is ok for Speaker Ralston to accept help from outside the district by virtue of contributions. According to Bill Evelyn's research, only 3.89% of the contributions Speaker has received in 2013 and 2014 are from within the 7th district.


         Total                 Out of District   Within District    Atlanta
2013   $291,979.00   $278,079.00    $13,900.00        $116,651.00
2014   $178,100.00   $173,700.00    $4,400.00          $85,725.00
                                       96.11%         3.89%




Georgia Integrity Project is a 501c4 non-partisan social welfare organization whose purpose is to educate voters on the issues. Our goal is to increase voter participation in all elections and make sure educated, informed voters dominate the election process. 

We are a coalition of tea party activists from  Atlanta Tea Party Patriots and over 50 tea parties in Georgia, conservative groups that include Georgia Right To Life,  Georgia Conservatives in Action  and Chattahoochee Republican Women's Club..


We believe it takes a team effort to educate voters.


For more information email  gaintegrityproject@gmail.com


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